Company History

In our journey that began in 2009 with just 3 employees, we have reached an important milestone today. Man United has grown significantly in size and service capabilities through careful recruiting efforts and a series of ventures.

Man United Timeline

Why Choose Us

We Communicate Often & Effortlessly

As we are a team-focused search firm, it requires consistent and frequent communication among all members and to regularly provide progress information to our clients'

Only the Best Candidates

Our proprietary database of candidates from the industry we serve, give us the contacts, knowledge & proximity to close on the candidate

Knowledge & Experience

Our recruiters & executives come from reputed companies; therefore we understand their corporate needs

Quality, Depth & Focus in our process

Our goal is to present the best candidate in the shortest amount of time. This requires an expert team and focus on the task to ensure that you get only the best talent


Since no two companies are alike, we approach each search differently; making it easier for the client to do business with us

Few Words About Us

We pride ourselves on being a small firm with a huge commitment to excellence. We serve very small to very large, local to national, organizations in diverse industries, so we are confident we can handle your individual needs. We understand that employees are an organization's most important resource. We partner with you to identify the best resources and implement strategic solutions that enable you to retain and develop leadership skills through targeted programs, and improve organizational effectiveness.Man United also provide unparalleled customer service to guarantee 100% satisfaction We’re dedicated to helping you achieve your corporate goals. You can rely on Man United to be your advocate for sourcing and managing your human resource requirements and so you can focus on growing your core business.